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The Authority's functions, as provided under the Civil Aviation Authority Act 1979, (as amended) include:

1. Regulating civil aviation operations in the Fiji Islands by, among other things:

a) Issue certificates, licenses, approvals, registrations and permits after appropriate inspection, audit and examination,

b) Developing and promoting appropriate, clear and concise aviation safety standards,

c) Developing effective enforcement strategies to secure compliance with aviation safety standards,

d) Assessing decisions taken by industry for their impact on aviation safety,

e) Conducting regular reviews of civil aviation systems in order to monitor the safety performance of the aviation industry, to identify safety related trends and risk factors, and to promote the development and improvement of the system,

f) Conducting regular and timely assessment of international safety developments and

g) Conducting regular reviews of aviation security programmes and activities.

2. Any function conferred on it by or under the Civil Aviation Reform Act 1999 or the Civil Aviation Act

a) Carrying out such obligations of the State arising from its State's membership of the International Civil Aviation Organisation as directed by the Minister.

3. Safety-related functions

a) Encouraging a greater acceptance by the aviation industry of the industry's obligation to maintain high standards of aviation safety through

i) Comprehensive safety education and training programmes,

ii) Accurate and timely aviation safety advice and

iii) Fostering an awareness in industry management and within the community generally, of the importance of aviation safety and compliance with relevant legislation,

b) Promoting full and effective consultation and communication with all interested parties on aviation safety issues.